Bling The Adventurer stars in....

NO Ghoulish Green Monsters Here

Every great story has to have a great hero.  

Take your children on Bling's journey as she becomes Bling the Adventurer along with her BFF (Best Friend Forever) Sushi, the Goldfish.
Bling is not like any other dog.  Quiet and mild mannered, she has inspiring ideas of being a brave adventurer whose quest is not only in who she will be, but in what she can do to help others.

Every day is great until it isn’t.   Left alone in the family’s absence, Bling is put in charge with only her trusted BFF, Sushi the goldfish, as backup.

Relying on teamwork, Bling is determined to capture monsters, become the heroine and save the day.  All of this must be done before the kids get home!
The book will be coming in the future.  Please email us to be put on a waiting list!

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This book is a first for Dawn.   She is actively searching for an agent to guide her through the publishing process and hopefully find the perfect publisher who will want to work with the book going forward.

If you are an agent or publisher and would like to see the manuscript and the dummy book, please email Dawn at    [email protected]

Bling hears a noise....TAP TAP TAP

Bling is faced with her first responsibility. 

OH NO - Bling hears a noise...
Tap Tap Tap...

Something is in the house. 

What could it be????

A Dog Bling