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Reviews from "Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore"

Gold Medal Winning Writer and Dog Show Judge, Marsha Hall Brown Authors New Book Illustrated by National Award Winning Artist, Dawn Secord  Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore, the much anticipated first book in the Show Dogs Escape series.

The book is a collaboration between celebrated artist, Dawn Secord and veteran dog writer and dog show judge, Marsha Hall Brown.
Created especially for young readers, Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore celebrates the world of dog shows as it teaches about pure-bred dogs with a level of detail and artistry never seen before in a children’s book. Along the way, it imparts important life lessons about competition, cooperation, and friendship that adults will appreciate sharing with the next generation of dog lovers. Secord’s beautifully rendered artwork offers a unique glimpse into an exclusive, yet welcoming world, delighting insiders as it entices newcomers to learn more about these magnificent canine companions. 

Dog News Review
New York City: Press Release

“As a dog lover and dog owner all of my life, I have always gravitated toward mutts and rescues. Now, after reading Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore, I find it a joy to learn something new about dogs while enjoying a good story. The illustrations are fantastic - they are wonderful and engaging. A terrific book.”

Richard Mailman –
Television Writer, Producer, Hollywood, CA

.....The book is replete with the most alluring illustrations, each capturing the essence of individual breeds depicted. ....

Sight & Scent
Claire "Kitty" Steidel, Writer
American Kennel Club Judge

.....Indeed, beyond the book's storyline as so cleverly depicted on the cover and within its' pages filled wwith lustrous illustrations, a touching moral is readily perceived.  ....

Canine Chronicle
Lisa Dube Forman

....It is a well-crafted book with stimulating illustrations by Dawn Secord that are in themselves collectors' items. ...

Dog News
Pat Trotter, Writer
American Kennel Club Judge

When I heard of the collaboration of author Marsha Hall Brown and artist Dawn Secord, I looked forward to the creative results of these two artistic dog lovers.

The illustrations that go hand in hand with the story are wonderful, full of whimsey and artistry and after two good reads focusing on the storyline and poetry, I went through just to admire the illustrations in the book - I hope some of these go up for sale somewhere.....And of course Dawn had the good sense to have the illustrated Irish Setter going Best in Show!  ...

Karolynne McAteer
American Kennel Club Delegate
American Kennel Club Judge

“A must for any child interested in the world of pure-bred dog competition, Marsha Hall Brown’s story is both educational and fun. The personalities of her dog characters reflect breed traits, and Dawn Secord’s charming illustrations are equally faithful to recognized standards. From the show ring to the seashore, it’s a show dogs ‘world full of glamour and intrigue, where former competitors learn cooperate, friendships replace rivalry, and seasoned veterans mentor a lively young pup.”

Betsy Tyler – Research Director, Nantucket Historical Association and Award winning author. Massachusetts

This fanciful children's story follows a group of show dogs as they embark on an adventure that takes them on trains, boats, planes and cars.  It leads them from windmills to beaches to a haunted house, as they discover what it truly means to be champions.

This is a cleverly written take that will delight pet lovers of all ages, but the hidden gems are in the beautiful illustrations by PSI's own Dawn Secord.   Her talents as an artist and her passion as a pet lover shine clearly in this book - and I highly recommend it!

Pet Sitters International
"The World of Pet Sitting"
Ellen Price, Editor
A Dog Bling