A Dog, Bling

Author, Dawn Secord

Bling's Blog

Hi!   I am Bling!

I am a real dog and live in Southern California.  My family is pretty awesome.  There are dogs, a few cats, a cockatiel, some fluffy chickens - and of course my BFF, Sushi, the goldfish.

"I have a few favorite things - eating treats, chasing balls, playing outside with my friends and yep, eating more treats. 

Every day I hang out in my mom's art studio.  Sometimes I get into her art supplies....

And, I am starring in my first book.   It is going to be soooo cool.  We do need to find an agent to help us make the book perfect.   I can't wait to find that special person to help us - it is going to be awesome!!

Did I mention I love eating treats?" 

Don't forget to look for my new book:

"No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here"
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A Dog Bling